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Hypothyroidism - What you need to know

I decided to write this series on hypothyroidism to offer some guidance and support to others dealing with the same personal struggles with hypothyroidism. My story began when I was a teen and has continued now into my thirties, making me fully aware of how difficult it is to regulate the thyroid gland to its optimal functioning capacity. Through this series, I hope to teach you about the function of your thyroid, how to tell if it is working improperly, how to find the right doctor, and how to make the right choices regarding your own thyroid treatments.
I am not an MD, but over the past 13 years I have consulted with many doctors, including endocrinologists, general practitioners, naturopaths and naprapaths, as well as integrated medical practitioners. The key for me has been finding a doctor that listens and also does extensive research to finally understand what my body is indicating that it needs. I can honestly say that the proper regulation of my thyroid has changed my life in many positive ways.
I hope to provide a condensed and simplified version of what I have spent years trying to figure out. At the end of the series, I will list books and websites that have helped me. If you care to research the topic in depth, this is something that I encourage you to do as well. My personal treatment has been comprised of the use of natural thyroid hormone (Armour Thyroid), synthetic thyroid hormone (Levothyroxine), supplements and acupuncture. A holistic approach to my nutrition and wellness regimen, along with regular blood work checks, has improved the functioning of my thyroid and put me on the path to winning the balancing act. However, because the thyroid hormones are so easily affected by all of the bodies’ other hormones and vice-versa, it is important to constantly monitor your blood work and symptoms, as no two cases are identical. For more information, keep reading “The Hypothyroidism Series” – go to Resources at the top of our menu and scroll down to Health and Wellness.
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