Athlete Training

Comprehensive Sports and Athlete Training for Athletes of all Ages and Levels


Athlete Training in Northbrook, IL | Progressive Sports Training - top_of_the_Sports_Performance_pageTo be the best, you need to train with the best.

For over 20 years, coaches at Progressive Sports Performance have been providing the highest level of result producing training to athletes of all ages.  At PSP, we build an athletic foundation from the ground up, so we can focus your training towards any sport, any field and any goal.

Our trainers have the knowledge and know-how to make you the best athlete you have ever been. Our programs are specifically and individually designed for you based on your Structural Balance Assessment and BioPrint Analysis to help you reach all your goals. PSP knows to be at your best you don’t always need to train hard, but instead, you may need to train smarter.  PSP has the knowledge to get you training smarter. Progressive Sports Performance will make every one of your workouts count. And we’ll teach you in how to use your skills, goals and even past injuries, to create a workout strategy that will give you the maximum amount of success, improvement and help you need to reach your goals.

PSP coaches know that to increase athletic performance, training must be focused on improving speed, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction speed, strength, explosive power, stamina and flexibility.  We provide that kind of training here.

One-On-One Strength Training for Athletes

One-On-One Strength Training sessions are for athletes looking to be at the top of their game. These sessions run 60-90 minutes depending on the age and level of the athlete. All athletes in this program are encouraged to train a minimum of 3 days a week to reach their top performance capabilities. All athletes must first undergo the Advanced Athletic Assessment.

Our Advanced Athletic Assessment Includes:

  • BioPrint Analysis
  • Lower Extremity Structural Balance Assessment
  • Upper Extremity Structural Balance Assessment
  • Full Body Flexibility Assessment
  • Goal Oriented Nutritional Plan
  • Supplementation Protocol Outline

Are You Ready to Take Your Sport to the Next Level?

Then, take your training up a notch with PSP. Our personalized training sessions will include targeting the muscle groups you use to run faster, throw farther, jump higher or lift more. Whatever your sport you’re in, whatever level you’re performing at, we’ll help you gain noticeable improvement season after season. Our Certified Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers are experienced, top athletes themselves. They know what it takes both mentally and physically to be the best of the best. Call us today for a Personal Training Session and see what PSP can do for you.

Working with PSP has changed my life!

"After a knee injury caused me to have surgery almost 2 years ago, I started working with PSP to help get back into shape. Since then, I have learned volumes about general fitness and clean eating. I am in the best shape of my life and feel great. I love the fact that, every time I go to PSP, I have a completely different workout, tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals. In addition, if my knee is bothering me again, or another event creates an injury (as when I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder), the coaches at PSP are ready with stretching and/or exercise suggestions to help the situation. They truly care about helping me to become the strongest and healthiest I can be. I recently competed in my first triathlon and finished with the best time I could have imagined, feeling strong and recovering easily."* Ann A. Winnetka, IL|Read More Testimonials