Looking for a Strength Coaching, Sports Coaching or Personal Training Internship in the Chicago Area?

Internship Opportunities Northbrook, IL| Progressive Sports Performance - IMG_1526An internship with PSP is an opportunity to connect your academic experiences to the work setting.

We can help you to learn new skills, gain valuable knowledge, meet new people and experience the environment of the Sports Performance and Personal Training industry with highly trained professionals.

For further information or to apply for an internship with Progressive Sports Performance please send your resume and questions to
Working with PSP has changed my life!

"After a knee injury caused me to have surgery almost 2 years ago, I started working with PSP to help get back into shape. Since then, I have learned volumes about general fitness and clean eating. I am in the best shape of my life and feel great. I love the fact that, every time I go to PSP, I have a completely different workout, tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals. In addition, if my knee is bothering me again, or another event creates an injury (as when I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder), the coaches at PSP are ready with stretching and/or exercise suggestions to help the situation. They truly care about helping me to become the strongest and healthiest I can be. I recently competed in my first triathlon and finished with the best time I could have imagined, feeling strong and recovering easily."* Ann A. Winnetka, IL|Read More Testimonials