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Personal Training

1-on-1 or with a partner, we'll start with a full fitness assessment including a BioPrint profile, and develop a personal fitness and nutrition program that will get the strength and fitness results you want. We can help you recover from injury, prevent injury, improve flexibility, and help you lose or gain weight - the right way.

Athlete Training

Attention middle school, high school, and college student-athletes - we can help you get more wins! If you are serious about your sport, want to prevent injury and see significant improvement in power, agility and endurance, call us. We tailor workouts for your body, your sport and your goals.

Team Training

Regardless of the sport, we offer performance training that will enhance team and player performance, team unity and team cohesiveness. Our training programs are geared to build

Working with PSP has changed my life!

"After a knee injury caused me to have surgery almost 2 years ago, I started working with PSP to help get back into shape. Since then, I have learned volumes about general fitness and clean eating. I am in the best shape of my life and feel great. I love the fact that, every time I go to PSP, I have a completely different workout, tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals. In addition, if my knee is bothering me again, or another event creates an injury (as when I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder), the coaches at PSP are ready with stretching and/or exercise suggestions to help the situation. They truly care about helping me to become the strongest and healthiest I can be. I recently competed in my first triathlon and finished with the best time I could have imagined, feeling strong and recovering easily."* Ann A. Winnetka, IL|Read More Testimonials

Wondering Why Generic Workouts and Hours of Cardio Aren't Getting You Results?

Because every body is different.

From your body composition to your metabolism, how your body turns food into fuel is different than anyone else's. Your workouts, your lifestyle, your gender, your general health and your attitude all play a role in how you process food and what you really need to eat to achieve your fitness goals. That's why our personal training program includes a BioPrint profile. We will determine your body composition and your hormonal profile issues; then design a nutritional lifestyle, and possibly a supplemental program, to restore your body to optimal levels. You'll see improvements in all areas of your life, both physically and mentally!

Because fitness is not a one-size-fits-all.

Your fitness goals are not the same as the person next to you. And, going to the same classes and doing the same workouts week after week not only kills motivation, it's working the same muscle groups -in the same way- every time you go to the gym. When you work with a personal trainer from Progressive Sports Performance, you get an experienced athletic trainer who starts with a basic structural balance and athletic assessment. From there, we can design a program that will build on your physical foundation - safely, and at the proper pace.

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