Structural Balance Assessment

Have You Ever Wondered Why an Athlete Plateaus?

Structural Balance Assessment Northbrook | Progressive Sports Performance - male_back_iStock_000006888374SmallThe answer lies in "Structural Balance".

When an athlete plateaus in strength or performance, it’s not often because it is the best that athlete can be. It can be the case that the athlete’s body is protecting itself from injury. An injury that could occur because there is an imbalance in muscular development. Too often, athletes focus on a certain muscle group and develop routines that just repeat the same motions. Or, the sport they participate in engages in a specific repetitive action, like swinging a club or lifting the same leg.  Without working the adjacent set of muscles, the athlete inadvertently creates a structural imbalance. A Structural Balance Assessment is key to identifying structural, muscular and mechanical imbalances, as well as any compensation issues the athlete is experiencing. Once identified, a program can be recommended to correct the issues so that the athlete can continue to improve, injury free. 

Athlete Training and Sports Performance Clients

All PSP, all clients will be required to undergo a Structural Balance Assessment. This assessment includes techniques from coach Charles Poliquin and other well-known strength coaches in the field of athletic performance. Experience has taught us, that in order for an athlete to excel in sports and minimize the risk of injury, it is critical to identify any compensation patterns the athlete has developed during the repetitive actions of sports performance. Additionally, we need to identify any structural, mechanical and muscular imbalances that athlete may have. Experience shows us, an athlete who chooses to ignore the importance of correcting these problems before starting a strength and conditioning program will limit his or her ability to reach his or her full genetic athletic potential. And, that athlete, will most likely suffer injuries - sometimes career-ending injuries - that might have been easily avoided. By using this advanced screening, we can identify the muscle weaknesses and compensation patterns that increase the risk of injury and decrease performance, speed, power, strength and flexibility. This allows PSP to almost guarantee we can bring you to the top of your game.

Personal Training Clients

All PSP Personal Training clients will be required to undergo a Structural Balance Assessment.  This assessment includes techniques from coach Charles Poliquin and other well-known coaches in the field of strength training, health and wellness. Experience has taught us that in order for individuals to reach their goals they need to have a full understanding of their starting point. We educate our clients about the biomechanical and hormonal issues in their bodies, so we can guide them in improving their fitness, health and body composition.  

Working with PSP has changed my life!

"After a knee injury caused me to have surgery almost 2 years ago, I started working with PSP to help get back into shape. Since then, I have learned volumes about general fitness and clean eating. I am in the best shape of my life and feel great. I love the fact that, every time I go to PSP, I have a completely different workout, tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals. In addition, if my knee is bothering me again, or another event creates an injury (as when I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder), the coaches at PSP are ready with stretching and/or exercise suggestions to help the situation. They truly care about helping me to become the strongest and healthiest I can be. I recently competed in my first triathlon and finished with the best time I could have imagined, feeling strong and recovering easily."* Ann A. Winnetka, IL|Read More Testimonials