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Start Your Day With a Cup of Antioxidants

That is right PSP says it is okay to start your day with a cup of antioxidants; i.e. COFFEE!!
Coffee is the one bitter antioxidant that Americans are willing to consume, so consume away just don’t forget to make sure it isn’t all you drink- adequate amounts of water are also recommended.

What gives coffee a bad rap and what to consider when you have your next cup?

1. What you put in the coffee. Skip the mocha choke ya; fake sweeteners; sugary syrups and opt for a cup of organic black coffee- you can add some stevia, cinnamon or even a splash (I said SPLASH) of heavy whipping cream if you need to.
2. Organic and caffeinated, why? Because coffee beans grown non-organic are like anything else- they will deliver an unhealthy dose of pesticides (i.e. toxins) to our body. Also, when coffee is ‘decaffinated’ harmful chemicals are used to remove the caffeine..again..toxins.
3. Put a lid on it…that is not loaded with BPA’s. That is right- even if you are going to a popular chain coffee joint check to see if the lids are BPA free or bring your own cup (help yourself and the environment).
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