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Weight training, Conditioning, Paleolithic Eating, Powerlifting and More!!

Hi. For the first ‘real’ blog post I just want to tell you a little about Progressive Sports Performance, what we do and who we are. At PSP we training athletes and general population. Most of our training is strength and conditioning based, with an emphasis on structural balance. What does that mean? That means if you have imbalances (aka weaknesses) then you can not get stronger- so we balance out your weaknesses and then get you STRONG, FAST, LEAN!
We also emphasize ‘clean eating’ with our clients. Yes, ‘clean eating’ is a confusing and overused term so let me give you a bit more detail about what PSP considers a clean diet. We like our clients to stick to a 90% diet of lean protein, veggies, some fruit and minimal grains. The grains need to be unprocessed- so no folks this is not the food guide pyramid.
Lastly, but defiantly not least, we have our own Powerlifting Team at PSP and annually in October we host the Rise of the Deadlift and Beast of the Bench.
Signing out for now, but will be updating you often on training sessions, new recipes and tips to help you reach your goals!
Nutrition and Lifestyle Keys to Getting Stronger and/or Leaner
Weight training, Conditioning, Paleolithic Eating, Powerlifting and More!!
To Squat or Not?

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