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Biosignature - Progressive Sports Training - 6626What is your “BioSignature”?

The BioSignature is in a level all its own in comparison to traditional body composition measurements. The concept of BioSignature was developed when Charles Poliquin, world renowned strength coach, started to notice trends and correlations between the body fat storage patterns and the hormonal profiles of his athletes. Coach Poliquin then teamed up with doctors world wide to test his theory and it has been found to be quite an accurate indication of hormonal profile abnormalities in athletes and the general population.

Can you give me an example of a site and what hormonal connection it has?

An example of this is the thickness of an individual’s umbilical skin fold and its direct reflection on their cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone and when an individual has a relatively fat midsection it indicates that their stress levels are either high or that their body is hindered in handling the stress response. Through the BioSignature we can detect this and set up a program to correct it.

Biosignature - Progressive Sports Training - 6628How do you correct sites (hormonal profile issues) once they are indicated through the BioSignature?

Once any hormonal discrepancies have been detected, PSP’s BioSignature Certified Staff will develop a program for you to correct these areas. Most programs will include directions for nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental changes and in some cases, further testing may be required.

What if my hormonal profile has multiple issues?

Ratios exist that will show us which discrepancies need to be addressed first. In the case of multiple hormonal profile issues, we will address them in the order of importance instead of an “All At Once” technique. This is the preferred method, as often by correcting a more prominent issue, your body can correct some of the other discrepancies on its own with out additional supplementation.

Other than improving my body composition, how will the BioSignature protocols help me?

By restoring your hormonal profile to an optimal level you will also see improvements in all areas of your life. This includes your physical performance, and your mental as well as physical health. By following your specific plan you will become leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and will live a new and energized life.

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