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Msssage Therapy

Massage Therapy - Progressive Sports Training - male_back_iStock_000006888374SmallTherapeutic Massage has many benefits and health enhancing effects. Massage is the hands-on therapy that facilitates the body’s healing powers and is an important component in maintaining your physical and mental health.

Here a just a few of the benefits that massage offers to your musculoskeletal system, mental health and immune system:

  • Improved circulation of the blood and lymph
  • Muscle relaxation and joint mobility
  • Relief for sore and fatigued muscles
  • Increases recovery speed from strenuous physical exercise
  • Decreases general anxiety and stress
  • Enhances tissue elasticity
  • Enhances sports and exercise performance
  • Combats negative effects of aging
PSP currently does not have a Massage Therapist on staff, if you are interested in applying for a position or renting the massage room for your own massage practice please email: elbell6@hotmail.com

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